1. Where is Subtle Haus located?
    • We are located near McCormick Place, one block South of Cermak, in downtown Chicago. Our address is 2255 S Michigan Ave, Unit 2W with the entrance on 23rd.
  2. What are the hours of operation?
    • We are open Monday through Saturday from 10:00am – 6:00pm.
  3. What is the parking situation?
    • There is ample street parking all around Subtle Haus. Additionally, there are a number of lots that offer hourly parking rates as well one that offers monthly.
  4. Who is Subtle Haus for?
    • Any and all creatives! While our perks are geared towards content creators and marketers, Subtle Haus welcomes anyone with a creative mindset. Whether you dabble in creative outlets or fully immerse yourself, we welcome you to our Haus.
  5. What is the lighting like?
    • We have both South and West facing floor to ceiling windows which provide ample natural light.
  6. Do you have a kitchen?
    • Yes! Our kitchen is equipped with pots, pans, dish ware, and glassware. With 13ft windows that let in glorious natural light all day long, this kitchen is the perfect spot to capture cooking and recipe content. The kitchen is open to all, but is also bookable to secure time for content.
  7. Do you have private spaces for meetings or calls?
    • We have a conference room in addition to soundproofed podcast studios. The conference room offers the flexibility to meet your scheduling needs. Elevate your team’s efficiency by booking this collaborative space for important meetings, strategy sessions, or workshops. With a user-friendly booking system, securing the conference room for your preferred time slots is a breeze. When not reserved, members use this space for co-working and collaborating. When the podcast studio is not reserved, feel free to utilize this space for private calls, meetings, and additional backdrops for content.
  8. How can I book the podcast studios and/or photography sessions?
    • Once you are a member, we will provide you a login to our membership portal. Within the portal you will find events, notices, payment information, and studio reservations.
  9. What equipment do you provide for the photography studio?
    • We have two sets of C Stands, sandbags, a few backdrops including a linen backdrop, 2 continuous softboxes, a rolling cart to securely hold your computer and a cellphone holder, and for those seeking a direct connection to their equipment, we offer USB-C to USB-C tethering cords.
  10. Do you have anywhere for changing?
    • We have a dedicated space for getting ready equipped with two private dressing rooms, clothing racks, shelves, a clothing steamer, two fully equipped vanities, a full length mirror, chaise, and chair.
  11. Can I bring guests if I am a member?
    • Yes! Each membership tier includes monthly guest passes.
  12. I am visiting from out of town. How can I work from Subtle? 
    • We have a daily rate of $400 for visitors from out of town. We will kindly ask for your ID to verify. Please contact us for more information!
  13. Do you offer Day Passes?
    • We do not have Day Passes for Illinois residents.
  14. Are you handicap accessible?
    • We absolutely are!